Features and advantages

Clickstream Data

Select the page of interest and obtain detailed information on accesses, exits, bounces and average time of each visit. You can visualize the paths followed by your users as well: which are the most followed links, pages of origin and subsequent pages and obtain all details with a single click.

Click Heatmap

With VisualPath you can visualize the single clicks on each single element of the page (test, images, flash but those sections that do not have a link as well). After a certain number of clicks the click, or for the selection of a longer time frame, the map of the clicks becomes a heat map.

Browser Scroll Map

Understand the time of stay of the user and measure its attention on each single page section. You can obtain information on the visualizations of each segment of the page and its percentage compared to the others.

Form Analysis

You can obtain detailed information on the usersí interaction with each field of the forms: statistics on the number of forms sent, on the number of abandons and average time spent to fill in each single form and element. Youíll be able to visualize with a map of the clicks (that becomes a heatmap) the fields of the forms (even more than one per page) and monitor through funnel of attention the filling and sending process.

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