The tool for Web Usability

VisualPath is an extremely intuitive tool that allows you to understand the navigation data on your users quickly and easily. As well as allowing you to see the visitor paths on the site through the percentage of clicks for each link, you can find out exactly which other elements on your site are being clicked on by users: flash videos, javascipt buttons, banner spaces.

Identify your weak points

Your users don't click where you hoped they clicked. Maybe you didn't manage to draw their attention to your objective or there is an element that is distracting them.

...and your strong points

An element of your site is drawing your visitors' attention. You could get more from it by optimising its position and aspect, or by putting it next to an element that your visitors are ignoring, but that is important for your business.

How it Works

VisualPath keeps track of all the patterns followed by the visitor and the clicks made on every single page and on any single item of the web-site.

With VisualPath you can extrapolate all information about the single user's session on any single page (accesses, exits, bounces, average time of permanence) in both a visual and textual manner.You can also filter all data according to the related campaign.

In addition to the clicks made, VisualPath tracks the scroll on the single page as well, so that you can visualize the more popular sections of your web-site.

The visual exposure of the information and the integration with ConversionLab, allow you to execute precise and immediately understandable analysis.

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