Features and avantages

Customizable Dashboard

A unique initial panel to monitor your most important KPI. Once you log in ConversionLab you can visualize in the dashboard some mini-reports related to the last 10 days. You can customize your home page changing the location of your reports, adding additional ones or erasing them. You can change their disposition by a simple click and drag them where you prefer. You can also choose to visualize data in charts or tables.

Evaluates the performance of each investment

ConversionLab sorts out the number of the accesses generated by each single activated campaign and measures how many of them generated conversions (such as purchases, information requests, downloads or clicks). With ConversionLab you can constantly monitor the returns from each marketing campaign and consequently decide where to invest to optimize your returns.

Monitor the achievement of your marketing goals

With ConversionLab you can analyze CPA and KPI: you can monitor the cost of acquisition of each client and find out how much youíre missing to achieve your final goals.

Evaluate the efficiency of your communication

Find out which are the most viewed pages and make an evaluation on their level of efficiency. You can analyze each single pageís value and know in details the average time of visit.


ConversionLab gives you a complete overview of the paths followed during the siteís navigation and of the paths that generated conversions. Find out which the most followed paths are and which one of them generated conversions. Go deeply in the details of the path followed by the single user during each one of its accesses. For each single visited, the URL and the Title are specified to clarify the visitorsí paths.

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