The tool for Web Analytics

Just one tool to give you clear and precise answers to all your communication and Marketing needs: evaluate the returns on all your online activities to optimise the web media-mix based on your ROI, understand the user behaviour to improve your online communications, monitor your Marketing goals.

ConversionLab is an irreplaceable tool for any Marketing Manager due to the fact that it is extremely easy to use, install and consult and it allows you to export data quickly and efficiently.

How it Works

ConversionLab uses a browser-based tracking system to identify and track the visitors on your website. The system is able to track and register all the activities carried out by users: origin, keywords search for, navigation path.


The setup wizard gives you the renaming code to insert in all the pages of the site. The online user support guide will help you with all the steps of the installation. In just a few minutes the system will be able to manage all the campaigns and monitor all the actions which generate conversions.

Multi-Campaign Tracking

In the setup phase, or, in any later stage, it is easy to set up correlated campaigns or ads. Keyword advertising, campaign banners, search engine optimisation or positioning, sponsoring, e-mail marketing: for any campaign you have to track the system generates a code that is inserted in the page in just a few moments and allows you to start tracking all the conversions, visits, visitor paths. You only need a few moments to become a competent ConversionLab user and start tracking all the activities with no limit to the number of campaigns or actions.


Right from the Summary Page ConversionLab is simple and intuitive. It gives all the detailed information on the campaigns you have activated, shows you all the visits on the site during the last 30 days, the total visits and the number of conversion and actions that have taken place. All this data can be viewed according to campaign or date. With just a few clicks you can carry out thorough marketing analysis on all your campaigns, check the visitor path for each visit and see the conversion rate. At a more detailed level you can see the origin of the visitor and the campaign it is linked to, whilst still being able to click back to the overview. ConversionLab makes it easy for you to read the data thanks to the elaboration of graphs and charts, which allow you to carry out immediate analysis on all of your campaign trends and keep returns on you online activities under control.


You can export all the data in excel formats which allows you to elaborate the reports according to your requirements, as well as giving you the possibility to integrate the data linked to your web advertising activities with analysis linked to the advertising campaigns carried out on all other types of media.

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