buzz tracking

In the web, users can extensively express personal opinions and interact one with the other.

IIn Web 2.0, the user is active; he observes and makes positive and negative evaluations according to its own personal criteria.

The reputation of a certain brand is critical for its success and credibility.
Therefore, it becomes fundamental to keep control of the number and volume of conversations spread out over the web.

To satisfy this crucial need, Trackset introduced the "Buzz Analysis" module in Trackset ConversionLab. This powerful functionality allows you to discover and analyze what is being said online on a specific subject (a certain brand, business, product, service, management, competitors and so on).


Monitor the topics

All you have to do is to insert the keywords related to the topic, brand or to the product that you want to monitor. Once you have done that, the Buzz Analysis module will collect every conversation, message and post from the web (forum, blog, social forums...).

Evaluate the articles

Analyze the articles collected and give them a positive, negative or neutral evaluation.

Optimize the research

You can decide not to collect certain articles or sources of information which might not be relevant for your analysis. By doing this youíll optimize the information quality.

React to the buzz and protect online reputation

Keep control of your Online Reputation: react to the negative Buzz and work on the positive evaluations.

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