Web Analytics and CRM

An increasing number of companies use the web as their main channel for the acquisition of leads (finance, tourism, e-commerce); they need to integrate their CRM data to the data originating from the Web Analytics system.

Leads are acquired online, but their definitive confirmation takes place following telephone contact or via the more traditional channels. Additionally, definitive confirmation of leads can take place weeks later without further user input to the Web.

The ability to make the connection between definitive confirmation of leads and the role played by online channels is a growing requirement, common to many companies. The simplest operation involves exporting Web Analytics data and importing them to the Database or the company CRM (including E-mail marketing data) or, alternatively, creating an ad hoc system that allows for the exchange of this information via a web server.

The exported data from the Web Analytics systems enriches the company CRM, providing essential information on leads, for example: conversion date and time, IP, origin of campaign and idea, site reference page, country of origin, landing page.

What are the advantages?

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