New, important customers for Trackset

Trackset consolidates its position within the Italian Web Analytics market and acquires new customers:, the Comet Group, Intralot, Guess, Lettera43, Danone and Alpitour, a leading company within various markets, ranging from consumer electronics to cultivation and IT, from clothing to digital gaming, least forgetting the food and tourism sectors MORE

Web Analytics and CRM

An increasing number of companies use the web as their main channel for the acquisition of leads (finance, tourism, e-commerce); they need to integrate their CRM data to the data originating from the Web Analytics system. Leads are acquired online, but their definitive confirmation takes place following telephone contact or via the more traditional channels. Additionally, definitive confirmation of leads can take place weeks later without further user input to the Web. MORE

Campaign performance evaluation: duplication and attribution of conversions

Launching our site and our services via a single marketing campaign is difficult. On the Web, from the very moment a site is publicised, this comment rings true: traffic arrives from at least three sources Direct Access, Search Engines, External Sites - without the need for significant intervention operations. MORE

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